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Świat procesów

The World of Processes

We will work out solutions with you in the field of business processes optimization and transfer them to virtual reality.

Thanks to the World of Processes, you have the opportunity to:

  • implementation of quality management systems,

  • reduce the time of processes, increasing efficiency,

  • reduce costs of processes,

  • you will learn and implement the LEAN concept in company,

  • you will manage the process of recruitment,

  • you will implement the Periodic Assessment System,

  • we imitate training processes,

  • you will motivate employees.

Process approach  aims to create processes occurring
in the organization and shaping them in such a way that ich efficiency 

i effectiveness  were as high as possible.

Ask us about the possibilities!

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Increase process efficiency

In VR Solutions we can offer you tools prepared in Virtual Reality, thanks to which your company will increase  work efficiency, will help you understand LEAN processes, will allow you to choose the best candidate for the job, as well as make sure that job never will be monotonous!

narzędzie klucz oczkowy


It will help you understand the process and in continiual improvement by eliminating waste . 

Increase respect for the team thanks to the right attitude of the Leaders!

prawownik w procesie rekrutacji


Save time and money thanks to an extensive application recruiting the best candidates. Monitor progress
and check reports.

puzzle katamino


Development Applications. Smart fun, puzzles and logic games. We promote the companys values
and we encourage employees to compete in virtual reality!

Which area are you interested in?

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The World of Simulations

Simulation of real business processes.

Together, in virtual reality, we will map selected business processes, which will allow you to simulate any scenarios of their transition. By drawing conclusions and implementing corrections, we will raise work efficiency  in the organization and above all - we will save resources.

  • We design production halls in virtual reality
    and we simulate work processes,

  • we map the rooms and training tasks to enhance the learning experience of participants,

  • we conduct trainings and simulate dangerous situations such as e.g. evacuation simulations  during threats,

  • we pay attention to the smallest details regarding the appearance of offices, production halls, characters (Avatars) and technical parameters of the tasks being arranged.

Design process World Simulation it starts with identifying the needs and presenting the vision of our clients.

Thanks to our experience and our ability to predict, we are
able reflect the most realistic, virtual spaces.

Safe environment favors learning, forgives mistakes that
in the real world they are sometimes totally unacceptable.

Lets design together!

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The World of Skills

This World allows examining competences and skills.

It shapes and develops enterprises, products and technologies, builds the companys brand . 

Thanks to solutions from VR Solutions, You can develop competences such as:

  • analytical skills,

  • logical thinking,

  • work under time pressure,

  • comprehensive solving of complex problems,

  • negotiation skills,

  • candidate reaction speed in the recruitment process

and technical skills, e.g .:

  • in the field of operating a machine, e.g. CNC,

  • building a computer and solving issues from the IT industry,

  • soldering skills,

  • the skills of replacing the gas cylinder in forklift,

  • using tools, torque wrenches, calipers, etc.

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Choose your application and contact us!

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The World of Training

Training is inseparable with the companys development process.

In the training space, using virtual technology
and augmented reality we create training platforms from various business fields.

Our technologies make it very real reflection of real spaces and objects, e.g. company offices, production hall, machines, situations.

Using the technology of the virtual world, e.g. in the form of
360° movies, virtual reality (VR) and augmented (AR)

  • we teach the history of the company,

  • we discuss the mission and values,

  • we conduct trainings, courses and language tests,

  • we create courses, e.g. in first aid.

People participating in such trainings acquire knowledge better
and they are able to becoming 
more effective by putting it into practice right away.

The reception of training in immersion technologies is much more attractive for the participants than the conducted training
in the traditional way.

Which training are you interested in?

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strzałka kierunkowa

Virtual assistant - an avatar that can help conduct initial training, health and safety, GDPR, answer other questions, thanks to which will save the time of key people in the company and will ensure the standardization of processes.

The above examples show the spectrum of possibilities of translating reality into virtual world.
Depending on the customers needs we virtualize key processes or positions in the company.

The easy way after scanning the pre-programmed marker or QR code a guide appears on our screen, an avatar who tells us about the processes in the company in a nice, human voice.

Avatars can reflect in detail authentic people

Thanks to this, the employee has sense of presence
in a real work environment.

The World of Avatars

Which avatar will meet your expectations?

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Thank you, expect an answer from us.

o nas


We change perceptions

VR Solutions we created in order to provide the most real possible experiences in virtual reality.


We enable the use of technological potential on various levels and in various areas.


We propose solutions, among others supporting

recruitment processes , onboarding and employee development.


Thanks to the large number of details, the feeling is very natural.

Virtual and augmented reality enables data visualization of HR processes and various interactions in business.

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W Laboratorium VR Solutions  w ramach wirtualnej rzeczywistości korzystamy
z najnowocześniejszego sprzętu,

  • Valve Index,

  • Oculus Quest,

  • Microsoft Holo Lens.

Wirtualna rzeczywistość to także technologia 3D, którą można zaprezentować na urządzeniach mobilnych, urządzeniach z systemem Android i iOS.

Przygotowane przez nas narzędzia pozwolą na skrócenie czasu dostarczenia wirtualnych postaci, zanimowanych Avatarów.

Jesteśmy pasjonatami z otwartymi umysłami. Dzięki temu nasi Klienci mają pewność, że proponowane rozwiązania są zgodne z najnowszymi trendami.


​Dzięki nowoczesnym technologiom ludzie są w stanie osiągnąć rzeczy, które jeszcze do nie dawna były niemożliwe. Warto, więc z nich korzystać, bo w wielu przypadkach potrafią one zmieniać świat na lepszy i są w stanie przyczynić się do tego, że możemy przekraczać nasze fizyczne ograniczenia.

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Virtual and augmented reality

Get a business advantage with VR / AR

This is safe condition for the training and recruitment process and possibility to simulate dangerous situations.

Movement instructions
in the world of VR / AR there are simple and intuitive both for the employee and people managing the process.

It is a knowledge base - thanks to the reflection of the process or training in the virtual world knowledge about it remains in the organization.

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In my organization I am responsible for recruitment,  
as well as for the implementation of employees. Thanks to the VRS option, an avatar based on my model was created, which effectively led the employee through the virtual office
and talked about the company values. This is a big time saver.
In the Avatar World, I easily designed my alter ego.
In our company, we needed a way to efficiently conduct large-scale recruitment. The VR solution hit the bulls eye because we were able to test many people in a short time.
We used professional advice and chose the World of Processes.


The language tests are really attractive and very intuitive to use. In every free moment I am able to  learn having fun. And I have fun learning using VRS solutions. Thanks.
I will definitely use it
from the new language modules of the Training World.


VR Solutions reflected  the production hall of my company in great detail. 
The World of Space package helps in training my managers
in the field of dangerous situations. I have no doubts that such of  simulators are the future of any company that focuses on development . 


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WHY VR Solutions?

Better approach
with the use of new technologies.

It is a response to the needs of a changing world. Anyone can immerse themselves in The world of virtual reality and be a part of it.

Virtualization processes, e.g. training, increases their attractiveness for users.

It also saving time of people leading the process (e.g. trainer, recruiter).

We are working on modern equipment that allows you to create a virtual world, scenes that we use in business . 

Use our knowledge and experience,
and improve processes in your organization!



VR Solutions.
Your needs - our solution.

Contact us now and find out how we can maximize results
of Your business, create immersive VR training, spaces, increase employees commitment and efficiency.

We are convinced that solutions from VR Solutions will work for Your business and will save You a lot of time and money.


Contact us

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